⛹️‍♂️ About Me


I'm Kieran Witt, a product and project manager in the financial sector. Day to day, I develop financial products, like investments and in the past mortgages, credit cards and loans, and by night, I come up with ideas to solve problems I've experienced in my life or observed in passing.

Over the years, like many, I've accumulated a long list of ideas and resigned them to a dusty notebook where they'd likely fester forever if I didn't do something about them. That list has been growing, but my ability in bringing those ideas to life hasn't. With this in mind, I recently decided to learn to code so I can change that.

This site is dedicated to sharing my journey and some tips that may help others on theirs.

Get in Touch

📧 Email - Feel free to email me. I'm an email fiend, anything that hits my mailbox is read so it's very likely I'll reply.

🤝In Person - I'm based in London and the Southend-on-Sea area, if you're around and want to chat, drop me a line.